The Construction Begins

Well, this weekend was a good one. We framed in the front of the bus, where we will be constructing a loft bed for the boys (the girls will sleep on lower bunks). We had screws that were not quite long enough, so that meant a drive back to town for longer screws, as well as a chuck for our drill, which conveniently went missing. I still find it shocking they charge five bucks for those things!

So now the framing up front is in nice and solid, and we will be putting insulation in there to help keep the bus warm. A friend of mine relayed what someone had said to him about bus living, that he was warm next to the stove, but his back was cold. So the goal is to eliminate that irregular heating. The good thing about spring is that we have six months to go.

I am sure that there are questions; that is one purpose for the blog, so feel free to ask them and I will get to them as I can. I am also mulling a podcast, as there are a variety of topics where I believe we can offer helpful information. So look for those in the future as well. If someone has a good question, I may even devote a podcast to it.

I did grab a couple of pictures this weekend, which for me is a traditional weak spot. To think, I carry a camera with decent resolution in my pocket and almost never use it!

Our youngest, Caleb, was all smiles. But then he is always all smiles. He wanted to pose for a second shot, but I nixed the idea:


Caleb bus
Caleb is eager and ready to roll

I also managed to get a quick shot of my longsuffering wife Amy and older son Quinn. I don’t think Amy appreciated the picture. Of course, it could have just been the fact we were all tired and dirty!

Bus interior
Amy, Quinn, and Caleb putting things away

At the suggestion of a friend, I have also added a donation link. We will eventually have merchandise and items for sale.



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