The Vision

I would like to share with you our vision.

I believe so much that positive action can overcome the negative, and that while we wait for things to change slowly in our nation and churches, we can and must act today to make those around us better. If every single one of us did that, we could quite literally change the world.

I did not invent the name “Hoping Machine”. It comes from a Woody Guthrie lyric put to music by the New Multitudes. Like so much of Woody’s words and music, this is spot on and very much a message for these troubled times. The video can be seen below.

It has long been my vision to work full time to reach those who find themselves on the failing edge of society. The people we overlook, the people we reject. And I intend to use The Hoping Machine to do just that.

The goal is to have an on board coffee maker, first aid supplies, and enough food and equipment to make pancakes for folks. We have a few other surprises, but the goal is to make a few folks’ lives better, one by one, and hopefully make a change that the whole world can feel.

I know I can’t change the world. But I know WE can. And I know that if we’re going to, I need to do my own little part.

There will be plenty of opportunities to support “The Hoping Machine”; for right now, there is a donation jar. Merchandise and recordings will follow. And ultimately we will see you out on the road.

Meanwhile, here is the song “The Hoping Machine”. Have a listen!

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