Bus Build Details So Far

OK, so far, we have over 50% of the plywood subfloor complete. We will be covering it with an underlayment that is supposed to offer some insular properties, because, let’s face it, when you’re surrounded by steel, it can be very, very hot in the summer and rather icy in the winter. In speaking with a friend who knows another guy who has done this conversion, he mentioned that he was icy everywhere but directly in front of the heater. My goal is to prevent that.

And so we have everything below the loft beds framed in. Above the loft, we will frame in to the ceiling, and will have regular insulation in those walls. We are planning on using Styrofoam insulation on the sides, looking for something with good insulation properties that will not overly compromise space.

Because our state requires a kitchen area, separate power source, black, fresh, and greywater tanks, we will be using a 90 watt solar array (two 45 watt arrays connected…we can expand to 8 such arrays with our current setup). This will allow sufficient power for lights, and probably a few hours tv time, but high load appliances such as refrigerators are out of the question. We currently have access to power, and so can begin plashing out over time. The limitation at present is that our charge controller only allows for 4 amp service.

All of these things, as I discussed in the previous entry, ae part of the large number of things you don’t always consider when planning such an endeavor.

The lower children’s bunks will convert from the bus seats by using spare seat cushions across the center. The cushions will come out during the day to be replaced with tables. The kitchen will set directly behind the space, followed by a bunk area for my wife and myself.

Our bunk will be 4 foot wide, allowing for about a 30 inch passage and a 12 inch deep closet. The bunk will be about 3 feet off the ground to allow for extra storage. Storage, power, and waste disposal are the three biggest obstacles.

In studying waste disposal, we have decided the best option is composting toilets. All of our children are old enough to teach proper maintenance, so while this will be an adjustment, it won’t be too traumatic.

We are heading out of town this weekend, so likely there will be no video. But we should post up sometime soon! Take care!

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