Memphis, Part 2

20170408_211951FB_IMG_1491664760241FB_IMG_1491664939851FB_IMG_1491665924435OK, so previously, I had filled you in on the trip out to Memphis and the first day. High on our agenda was the National Civil Rights Museum, where MLK was assassinated. We had visited the night before, but nothing had prepared us for the museum itself. It was a reminder, not only of the sacrifices of the past, but of the events that are currently transpiring, although it did make me feel a little old to see the 1992 LA Riots in the context of history.

We ate lunch at The Arcade, Memphis’ oldest café and an Elvis hangout, and drove by for the obligatory Sun Studios pictures, even though I was not able to tour. We were guided to some great spots by Nancy Apple, probably one of the best Memphis historians I know.

I walked across the river, twice, with the family, and in the morning recorded a video in the middle of the bridge. I really didn’t “get” Memphis before coming, and it was not initially the primary destination (Dyess was the main reason for the trip), but it is definitely worth revisiting.

We shot a video on the bridge as well:

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