Subfloors in and the First Bed Rail in Place

Today I determined something: we are going to make a roof vent happen. It was “only” 80 degrees outside, but due to the sun it was not fun. We had 4 more subfloor panels to lay (plywood half sheets), so I wanted to get it done. We’re nearing the move in date (May 1), and while we will have a tent and facilities at the ready, we need the bus to be mostly functional at that time. Inside, at least. The mechanical work will be piecemeal after we have all of the needed comforts together.

I decided to change up the loft area. Instead of a loft with a center that folds up, we are going to extend a bunk out over the driver’s seat, with a removable panel for the bottom. The bunk will also function as our exterior wall.

We have some scavenged carpet that is perfect for a center “runner”. We’re going to have a no shoes rule inside the bus so that we can avoid tracking in too much icky stuff. And I don’t think we are going to get away long term without a roof vent; I am trying to find one that functions as a skylight as well. It will be a little tricky because the electric for the lights runs up the center, but I think we can make it happen.

And here’s the latest video. I’m a tad sweaty in this one, but I figure it proves I been working!

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