“You Didn’t Make That!”

This week was a rough one. I have been working all week to get the physical cd put together. The CD art was the tricky part.

That was tough because I had initially envisioned one cd cover, and arranged for a photo shoot the week I recorded the cd. That didn’t work out on either of our ends, unfortunately, and I found myself deciding whether to use snapshots or find a photographer. I found the photographer, and arranged everything Monday. I received word early Tuesday that it was rejected. I fixed what I thought was wrong; rejected again.

In the interim, had a couple of friends who are in graphics design inquire about it, and after the second rejection, turned it over to them. As I am never sure what businesses do on Good Friday, getting it out by Thursday was of utmost importance. So when it was rejected the first time it was submitted with a professional touch Tuesday, I was hitting panic mode.

Finally the problem was solved with the cd and the case, leaving only the poster. Since it is not hard to get a poster with a short turnaround time, I called the distribution company and requested that we take the posters off the order so that we can get the CD’s through.

It led me to think about how many people were offended by former President Obama’s “You didn’t make that” comment. The truth is, the lyrics on this cd are entirely mine, and the tunes are predominantly mine. But the finished product, once this is run through the mill, is the result of the work of many people, with whom I would be unable to make it happen.

Now I’m in for a long (10 day) wait for the physical product, but will have it in my hands ahead of the May 5 release party. And, for now, I can breathe again!

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