Bus, Day 1

So yesterday (April 30) was moving day. Everything got started, though, on Saturday, when I had to attend to some details in Tulsa and OKC, including a rehearsal for my upcoming release show on May 5 in Okemah, Oklahoma. I put in 30 miles in biblical, man builds ark kind of rain, and came home to find what I had figured. The rain had not only washed out much of the town, it had, for the fourth time in as many tries, washed out our attempts to sell our stuff. And we really don’t have money for storage.

So Sunday became a hodge podge of drives back and forth to the bus (a 20 mile trip each way), while trying desperately to sell our stuff. It looked very bad early on, and, in fact, up until about 2 hours before we were ready to shut it down and sell for the puny $50 offer that had been made earlier in the day. I was at my breaking point at the thought, and as I posted, received a little help in moving the sales along.

Finally, at 9:45, we got food for the kids and I went to pick up my daughter from her workplace, coasting in at 11 PM. I had logged over 400 miles for the day; the weekend total was about 700.

Because the trip had been hurried, we slept in spots that had been cleared out from our stuff, piled floor to ceiling in some places. After choosing whether to wedge my whole lower body under one set of seats or just my lower legs under another, I chose the latter option. I didn’t sleep easy, but slept in the chill of the evening, lows in the upper 30s.

We still have a lot to do with the bus, but it is livable, and from this point on we can tackle one project at a time. For now, though, we’re going to settle in. I set up a compost tumbler today, and we will begin hooking more up tomorrow.

We’re hoping to shoot some videos soon, so if you have any questions, now is a good time to ask!

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