Bus, Day 2

As the dust began settling on the weekend, it gave me a chance to reflect, and I thought about why we had decided on this project.

We were working to get rid of everything, and had several offers of $50, for a whole household worth of furniture. It began to get beyond depressing through the miles and miles of driving.

We ultimately received more, not as much as we’d like, but not something where we knew it was going to get marked up 1000% either. It got me to thinking on what amount would be enough.

I realized that any amount would be a letdown. That spurred my thinking on how we spend too much of our time and energy on the wrong things. We get a finite amount of time on the planet, and spend far too much time chasing the wrong things before we wake up.

This morning I woke up without the noise of traffic. No ugly street lamps shining in the window. No revving of a broken down car from a neighbor’s house, none of those things. I woke up in a peaceful and serene setting, and realized this is now home.

And I can’t really put a price sticker on that.

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