Bus, Day 3

No, I am not going to do these everyday, but as I have thoughts, I always find it useful to record them while they are still fresh in my head.

I am still having problems with WordPress not crossposting to Facebook; unfortunately my limited Internet access has turned to VERY limited, as Internet is down at work and we have none at home, so I must get on when I can.

As we settle in to the bus, I am noticing a few things. First, I am more alert on a shorter amount of sleep. I believe, although I have no way of confirming this, that it is because of being in a more relaxed natural state. I wake to the sound of birds, and open the door to a gust of fresh morning wind, accompanied by the occasional runaway cow (don’t ask!). It is a more natural state of being.

We have a shower bag for the moment that heats in the sun, but I headed off to Okemah last night to plug my cd, and when I returned home the shower water was cold, so I washed up in cold water. Let’s say at night that kind of sucks! But we are looking at a wood stove that has a small water tank attached, as well as propane heating.

I thank you all for reading this blog, and ask you to like and share my page and help get the word out. You are the best!

One thought on “Bus, Day 3

  1. It is an amazing thing you are doing! I hope we can all meet up in Tulsa sometime. Work has been interfering with all the festivities. Keep on keepin on, Brother!


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