…and, we’re off!

So, we have almost a week in the bus. We are getting a lot of the kinks worked out. For those contemplating such a move, there is no way of knowing what exactly you will need, as comfort levels vary. For us, an ice cheat provides enough cooling to take care of many of our needs, as we have a lot of canned and dried goods in our diet. We also have other food resources that will be useful for the next 3 weeks, and have not used the food pantries, so that option is open if we really ever need some supplemental food.

But there are a lot of surplus stores around here.

I put some silent auction bids in on some computer equipment. Very lowball bids, but you never know. If it pans out, I will have some computers I can work on to resell. I had the idea from a friend’s request.

I played the CD release event in Okemah with my producer, and although it was lightly attended, we did take in more than we spent. I’ve known enough musicians to know that qualifies as a successful gig, so we’re moving onwards and upwards.

Still looking, for anyone who is interested, for churches to play Sunday morning gospel sets in NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. We will expand that range a bit once my VISTA commitment is finished.

If you are wanting to help bring this project along, here are things you can do:

1. Attend one of our shows
2. Make a direct donation via Paypal on this site
3. Buy a CD, either at a show or through the Tim Joad site on Bandcamp, the Standing O Project, or, really anywhere you buy music (Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc). The Bandcamp and Standing O Project sites just give us a greater return.
4. Become a fan on Spotify and the Standing O Project.
5. Subscribe on Bandcamp. This gives you access to everything I will be producing, even before the general public. I have three cowrites that I have not released yet; you will be the first to get these.
6. Like and share my posts to encourage more people to do the same. I am watching page views increase here, and that is a good thing. I will need a web developer sooner rather than later, but can’t do that until there is revenue to afford one.
7. Keep hoping, dreaming, and being great people!

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