The First (Big) Weekend

With the final move in of the bus being a longer day than we had anticipated (rain held off being able to sell anything until the final day — it was our 4th garage sale rainout in as many attempts, so if you are in a drought, bring us over to hold a garage sale, and you soon won’t be!), we had settled in to the bus on Sunday night. We sorted things around a little bit, but I had to drive to Okemah on Tuesday night to plug my cd release show. That went well. Wednesday we were able to inch along, but Thursday volunteer commitments again kept us from progressing as we’d like. Saturday, we had to head into town, so Sunday instead of getting a day of rest, we had a major camp workday.

We had been using a tent shower enclosure, a good idea in theory, but one that needs several modifications. For example, I have balance problems, and trying to wash my feet was a chore with nothing to hold onto. Plus, walking across twigs barefoot is not n ideal situation, so I used a cheap pair of flip flops that were not up to the task, the major reason being that they are slippery when wet. Note to flip flop innovators: flip flops that are slippery when wet are a very, very bad idea. I mentioned to a friend that we needed a shower pan for the permanent shower that will be set up in the small camper when it is onsite next to the bus; they told me they had one, so we went over to inspect. It was exactly what we were needing, so I grabbed a pallet, placed the pan on it with the hole strategically placed over open slats. Because we had a week to develop a bit of a wish list for our shower, we knew we would want a tarp up front. So a cheapo 6×8 tarp gives us a place to remove our shoes and walk in. Two 6×8 tarps form the shower itself, with permanent “walls” being provided by pantry shelves. I hope to follow with pictures eventually, but this is actually a comfy shower.

We had to make a couple of trips to town due to my daughter’s work schedule. On the second trip, I decided cheap pizza would be a good deal, so we finished off the day with it. I still have some interior work to continue, but we’re getting a bit more settled in every day. The composter is up and (presumably) composting, and we’ve been able to get relatively comfortable.

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