The Justice Hoping Machine GoFundMe Campaign

Yesterday we launched our campaign. We began with a lower amount, but after reviewing costs, I decided that it would be wiser to figure out what it would take to be fully funded and crowdfund at that level. After all, not all projects are fully funded, and there is a level short of that that will fulfill everything we need to get the bus road worthy, but for those wishing to support our efforts, it may be a good idea to let them know the total outlay to get where we need.

I have looked at other possibilities, but the fact that this will not be a commercial enterprise makes us unlikely to receive any financing, so crowdfunding is not our best bet. And although we may later pursue nonprofit status, we are not there yet, so this again might not be the wisest course.

Here again is the link to the campaign, with the itemized detail listed in the updates. Thank you for your support!

Justice Hoping Machine Launch

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