A Little Midweek work and Crowdfunding

As you have seen in recent weeks, crowdfunding is underway. It is our hope to raise enough to get the bus roadworthy by mid July so that we can take it on its inaugural run to the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, which is an annual event for us. While the full crowdfunding effort may take a much longer time, we hope to have the mechanical needs sorted out relatively quickly.

Yesterday I had sectioned off to work on the second loft and thus largely finish the bunks for the kids (we need to purchase some brackets for the lower bunks and bolt the lowers to the floor, but those are not major issues as long as the bus isn’t out in the rain). I had to make about an hour trip each way first, though, to obtain a computer for a side job, and got back with about an hour and a half of light to spare. If you’ve seen the videos, the framing for the ends of the loft is up; all we needed were the side rails, slats, and plywood. I chose slats because I was uncertain if the plywood would be sufficient on its own; plus we had some long 1 x 4s that we salvaged off of a large sleigh that came with the bus, so the only cost was in time, and it didn’t take long at all.

We finished after dark, had to turn on the lights before we put the plywood down on the bed. It is not screwed down to the framing yet, as it was getting late, but again that isn’t a problem when we’re not moving.

The next project to work on is the bed for my wife and I. We pretty much have the lumber, and may even have the plywood to go with, we will just have to get it all together. I will try to get a video in this weekend.

Meanwhile, the crowdfunding link can be found here.

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