The Justice Hoping Machine Crowdfunding campaign Further explained

I would like to go further into what The Justice Hoping Machine is going to be.

In 2011, after WoodyFest, I was inspired to start Hobo’s List. It was an ambitious project; to collect data from across the country and sort it into a list of resources for the homeless. And I was doing it alone.

What many do not realize about Hobo’s List is that I succeeded in its creation. By the end of 2011, I had resources for the homeless in every state in the union and DC. What I did not have at the time was capitol, or a way to monetize the project. I also did not have a staff to advise me of those things, and in the summer of 2016, after realizing I couldn’t run it as a one person shop any more, I let the domain lapse and stopped work on the project.

In many ways, this is Hoboslist 2.0. I learned a lot of things through the project, namely what I could do when I really worked at it, but I also discovered that my approach, though well intended, was backwards and in many ways putting the cart before the horse.

About the time I was mulling what would be done with Hobo’s List, I met an excellent group of grassroots homeless activists in Amarillo, Texas, most of whom I remain in touch with. These people were (and are) dedicated to making differences in the lives of the homeless in various ways. As I moved on from Amarillo, I remained connected, but began to see a vision of connecting anti homeless groups from various communities across the country, so that, if the client desired it, services could be continued as they transitioned to other communities for jobs, family, or other reasons.

The Justice Hoping Machine is partly founded on building that network, but there is more, so much more. The word “Hope” will be visible on the bus from all sides, and inside we intend to have food, clothing and medical supplies to meet most basic needs as they arise. But we will also be equipped to sing songs, tell stories, and in other ways creatively engage our neighbors in the communities as we meet them. Hope is about more than just food and clothing. It is as much about dreams, which are often absent in the restless sleep of one who fears for their safety at every moment.

I am hopeful this project will roll out in July. That is my intention, and it can be done, with your help. I don’t need the full $25k for that to happen, but I do need enough to ensure that we will not be stranded on the roadside on our maiden voyage. And for that reason, I am turning to you.

Let’s make this a reality! Justice Hoping Machine Launch

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