Two Weeks In

Yesterday, I had “the” call. As I have mentioned to others, I am not really conflict averse; I am actually conflictphobic. There are a number of reasons behind this too complex to address in detail, but I do not do conflict well. And I’ve gone through the ups and downs and the feeling like a failure that accompany this assignment, so even in an ordinary state, I was not thrilled with the prospect of talking with my supervisor.

All went well, though, and we may have some news to share shortly. In the meantime, we will officially have two weeks in on Sunday night. As we’ve settled in, we have become more comfortable with the stuff that surrounds us, and are beginning the paring down process. The composting toilet is going remarkably well, and we have a pretty efficient system for further composting the waste.

The shower has its drawbacks, but overall since we have converted from a shower tent to a makeshift shower setup on a pallet, things have improved considerably. We have little electricity, but it is enough, and I feel recharged and rejuvenated not being constantly surrounded by it.

Thee biggest drawback is being 20 miles from town, but we are coping. It does mean about an hour drive to take my daughter to work, but it’s a drive through brilliantly green woods, as opposed to the smog infested commute you might find in a large city.

We are still working on the crowdfunding project, and invite you to participate. What follows will be amazing!

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