Wide Awake and Feeling Mortal…

I had to borrow a line from Kris Kristofferson for this title. We’ve gradually begun to accept that the next phase of our lives will involve a lot of transience, we just don’t know how much.

As I’ve processed through the leaving that is coming up, I had to take the call today that I wasn’t particularly anticipating. I won’t divulge the nature of that call, not yet, only to say it didn’t involve the stringing of me up on a tree as I feared it would. Still, I am glad to have it behind me.

About an hour after I left work, though, my supervisor from the agency that hired me asked if I would be willing to leave this assignment early. There may yet be another assignment waiting for me, another adventure down the road before this is closed. And fortunately I just so happen to have everything we own packed in a big yellow schoolbus. That will make the leaving easier.

But there is so much that will be left behind if this comes to pass. I do encourage you, though, to stay with us on our adventure!

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