Finishing the Bunk Floors

This weekend was a hurried one, as usual. On Saturday, I decided to tackle the flooring for the kids’ bunk area. We had a box of vinyl, faux wood flooring given to us (it was a dumpster scavenge) as well as a 30 inch wide carpet runner. The box of flooring presented a problem; we could not find more flooring to match, and 20 square feet of flooring does not cover a very large area.

Fortunately, the bunk area is a small enough area to make it work. But there are two bunk areas, one on each side, so I set off to Lowe’s to find another box of flooring for the other side. I couldn’t find anything to match, made the executive decision that perfect is the enemy of the good, and bought the cheapest box of flooring that I could.

I knocked out the vinyl side pretty quickly because I could score it with a knife. The laminate flooring turned out a little different; while we have cordless screwdriver and drill available, we do not have a cordless saw, nor the funds presently to procure one. So cutting it involved measuring and walking about 500 feet to the power pole and cutting the board…and doing this repeatedly with every row of flooring until it was complete. All in all I walked almost a mile just getting the flooring cut.

But the end result helps the bus to feel increasingly more like home. We’re waiting to see what projects we tackle next; it is pending some life decisions that have to be made.

Anyway, here are the pics:


Also, don’t forget to check out the Justice Hoping Machine GoFundMe account found HERE!

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