A New Deck and Bunk

deckYesterday afternoon I received a call. Two weeks ago, I had put in a bid for some items at the library surplus auction. It was mainly computers, but I did bid on two sets of stairs, as we ultimately need some for the back entrance of the bus. I didn’t win that bid.

The call was because the winning bidder had never picked up the stairs. So I said, yes, I would take thee stairs. We ultimately need to get some stairs anyway. And besides, I had bid $1 per set, so $2 wouldn’t set us back any. And I had received a good news that the pulling and shaking that had me worried about all manner of things such as ball joints and tie rods turned out to be a bald tire that had developed a knot. I traded three seats from the bus to the guy who sold me the bus (he had been asking for them anyway), and the mounting and balancing cost me $25. So I had spent $25 instead of a couple hundred, and was in a good mood about that in the first place.

Then they asked me if I wanted the stage. The stage was in three pieces, and I had considered bidding, but thought better of it, as where would I put it? But pressed with the question, I decided to affirm that I would, indeed, take the stage, and hastily arranged help in moving it. I could pay anything I wanted so I paid a flat $10 for the steps and the stage together.

So we headed over to pick up the stairs and measure the stage for transport. When measuring, I noted the stage was only slightly less wide and slightly shorter than the bunk I had intended on building for my wife and myself. And lag bolts hold the legs to the stage, so making new legs with the height I require (we need storage space for underneath) is simply a matter of lining up holes on new 4x4s that are cut to the length I need.

So one section of the stage will be our bunk. Another section is being swapped to our landlords for helping us move the stage (they were looking at building a platform for a washing machine; this should serve nicely), and the third has been deployed as a deck in the back of the bus by the emergency exit.

All in all, I saved a few hours of time and at least $100 in materials by acquiring the stage. And we’re trying to strategize ways to pack the deck when we roll out so that we can use it as a deck/stage on the road.

Don’t forget, we are still working on the Justice Hoping Machine crowdfunding. I may shortly have some offline donations to add, but every bit you can assist with will help us get this bus complete. Thank you for everything you do!


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