Settling In

The acquisition of the deck, stairs, and bed for my wife and I mentioned in the previous post has made a decided quality of life difference. My wife and I had been using the bus seat cushions on the floor for the bed, so the current bed gives us 48 more cubic feet of storage space. This is key when your space is at a premium (approximately 175 square feet of space in the bus, so doubling up on that floor space is key).

Right now while it is parked and we don’t need the rear storage area, our bed is in the very back of the bus. We may need to make some adjustments to the legs, though, to move it to its permanent position; we will know more this weekend. The legs are 8 inches lower than I had planned, so right now I am deciding whether to just go with the slight decrease in storage, or replace the legs with longer 4 x 4s. If I do the latter, I will likely run some 2 x 6 boards across the bottom to create a stronger bracing. And there is still the matter of how to bolt the whole thing to the bus since I am not building it in. My gut says to fasten the sides of the platform to the bus itself and either buy or create brackets to go around the 4 x 4 and allow me to fasten to the bus itself, and use L brackets for the legs on the outside. We need a solid solution, though, so I am still exploring the matter. Unfortunately, because we all have different materials available to us, there is a lot of improvising required — something you might want to know.

At any rate, I am reaching the point on this blog where I would like to entertain both questions and ideas for future columns. Would you like to know more about composting toilets? What about the ins and outs of cooking in a portable environment such as this? You name it and I am willing to tackle it, as I would like to help others who have similar ideas.

For those starting out, I highly recommend the skoolie website at I have been a member for years, since our first tentative steps towards bus conversion, and while this is the first time we’ve actively been involved in it, it has been a wonderful resource with just about everything you need to know — and a place to ask when you get stuck.

Also, please consider donating to the Justice Hoping Machine Launch campaign. We’ve had a couple of donations; yours can help get us on the road, and keep us there, much faster. Thank you, and thanks for reading as well.

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