So You Want to Build a School Bus?

Due in part to the tiny house trend and other details, I do hear a lot of people who are interested in converting their own bus. So I thought I would go back to the beginning and give a bit of a primer. I may update as I can, but here is what I have experienced so far.

The absolute first thing you should do is go to I would say you should start here about 6 months to a year before you buy a bus. In the forums, you will find everything you need to know, and there also is an area where you can find busses for sale. There are a lot of questions to be asked, such as do you want diesel or gas, what size of bus, and how much do you want to do in the conversion? You also need to know what your state’s laws are, and what insurance companies will underwrite a bus. A lot of companies will no longer carry coverage. All of these questions can be answered onsite, as well as a thousand other questions you have never considered.

You may also want to research laws on where you can park a bus to work on it, as people have encountered a number of oddball problems where they live, including code enforcement. Then there are things like composting toilets, water tanks, and solar electricity. All of these are somewhere on the site.

You also need to be prepared for it taking awhile. It is a good idea to look at other conversions to find out what you want, and, more importantly, what you DON’T want. For us, the logistics of having a larger family mean we need to constantly consider storage.

Most busses take 1-2 years to fully convert.

I have a few videos up as well as photos, and am hoping to have more. If I can be of any help in any way, please contact me. Meanwhile, good luck and happy trails!

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