Shelter from the Storm

Last night was a moment I like to call “Springtime in Oklahoma”. We had just settled in to the bus when we received a weather alert. We are on the cusp of cell service range, and it is very intermittent.

So I tried to pull up radar, but no go. The signal wasn’t strong enough. Because the alert signified a tornado warning rather than a watch, I figured it wise to drive towards town and try to bring up radar.

One of the things you learn living in Oklahoma a long while is that if you are close to a tornado, you will know. These normally barren streets will suddenly become full of activity, with vans bearing more sophisticated equipment than we used to put a man on the moon, and cameras, and all sorts of craziness. So I don’t really fear driving out in the weather in most instances.

As we were driving along, we didn’t catch any hail, which is a good indicator that you are either not close to the funnel, or the funnel isn’t that strong. It was after dark and rainy, so our eyes were limited to what the lightning could give us.

By the time we reached the top of the hill, the most intense part of the storm had passed. It still showed a warning “in our area”, but the radar showed the storm east of us…and the hook echo well away.

It meant a short night’s sleep, of course, but ensuring safety is always the first priority.

I would again like to remind you of the Justice Hoping Machine Launch crowdfunding campaign available on GoFundMe. We’ve only had a couple of donations so far, but will keep the campaign open until the bus is fully converted, so if you can help at a future time, or share, it would be appreciated. Also, look for the music of Tim Joad at multiple sites, including The Standing “O” Project, where you can subscribe as a fan and get access not only to my music, but that of many other independent artists. If you are an aspiring singer/songwriter or an artist, you can also signup and help promote Fair Trade Music.

Thank you, and remember to go out and be the best you that you can be!

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