Kitchen Tile and Shower

The slow forward progress of the Justice Hoping Machine continues. Today we will be putting in kitchen floor tile and building our second temporary shower, in our camper trailer onsite.

We chose peel and stick tile for the kitchen tiles because of ease of installation, but more important because of ease of deinstallation. We realize that modifications may be in our future within the next 6 to 12 months, so having the opportunity to do a remodel with relative ease is especially appealing.

So that will but us about halfway back on the flooring.

The second project is going to be the shower. We have a temporary camp shower, that is working nicely; the main drawback being that we seem to always pick up a number of twigs and leaves with every shower. We are not quite ready to put the shower on the Justice Hoping Machine at this point (we need bathroom shower tile and do not have the funds available for that), so we are building it in the nearby camper. We will still be using tarps for the walls because it is what we have available to us right now.

We have an extra bucket ready to be painted black and fitted with plumbing fittings so that our shower can more properly be called a shower. All in all, things are getting closer to the norm every day.

I encourage you to contribute to the Justice Hoping Machine Launch fundraiser, as this will help us move things along more smoothly. Thank you for everything you do!

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