Weekend Workday

So, this past Saturday we spent doing some campground cleanup and putting a few more things in place.

We have a shower pad we have been using for an outdoor shower. The outdoor shower has been great except we usually end up with bark in our hair, something that doesn’t bother me as much as it does polite society.

So our first order of business was to set my wife and kids on to pulling a built in bunk out of our trailer “annex”, while I laid peel and stick tiles down in the kitchen area. I debated putting the tiles underneath the carpet runner, but decided instead to leave that open with only the subfloor underneath as it is further up front. I also decided not to put flooring under the master bunk, which is a storage area.

So this left me with 15 square feet of tile after the kitchen was tiled. I decided to tile the narrow area between the left wheel well and the bunk (since the bunk covers past the right wheel area). I had enough to get to the back of the bunk area, but stopped just short, as I did not have enough for the full width space after. The space behind the bunk will be the storage and bath area.

We purchased a drain for the shower pad, and once the bunk was removed in the trailer, we put that in place. Unfortunately, we did not count on the thickness of the trailer floor, and got through far enough to let water drain out, but not quite full enough to plumb. This will be a temporary shower anyway, as we will be putting it inside the bus once we can afford a bimetal blade to cut through the bus floor.

We then decided to begin priming the outside of the bus. We haven’t determined the final design of the bus, but some states require the yellow/black color pattern to be gone completely before you can drive it as a private vehicle, and as our means will be even more limited in two weeks’ time, we don’t want to limit our options further.

Below we have a couple shots as we were priming the bus. We’ll have more on the floor later:

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