Building the Dream

So, yesterday I was able to take a break from building and meet with some friends on other projects. Of course, because The Justice Hoping Machine is a major part of my move forward, it featured in the discussion.

We are moving forward as quickly as funds and time allow. The things we need to be ready to roll are: anchors for the master bunk, moving the shower pad to the bus, installing the tanks, installing 30 amp service for campground hookups, and an engine tuneup. All in all, we can complete this if we can reach the $2500 mark, and then we can continue the ongoing funding of projects from there.

So, if you can aid with this, we would like to reach the $2500 mark by June 3. That is when my current assignment officially ends, and that will give us six weeks to have this bus ready for her maiden voyage.

Remember, the finished project will feature a full kitchen for serving homeless communities, as well as first aid medical supplies and clothing. We will also be using it to host concerts in the park and educational programs (we have a doozy planned that I am lining up collaborators to produce!).

So if you can help push this, let’s get past this critical mark! With your help, we can get this launched!

Here’s the link:

Justice Hoping Machine Launch

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