Ready to Get on the Road

A week from Friday will be my last full payday. I am hoping to find a job delivering pizzas or somesuch to fill in the gap, but in this area, there’s not an awful lot of good jobs to be had.

June 3 will also be the day I end my VISTA service early (financial hardship), and I am hoping we can have the Justice Hoping Machine on the road shortly after. I have WoodyFest in Okemah, Oklahoma, scheduled in July, and an event scheduled right before that begins (non paying gig), but ultimately am looking for gigs at churches, farmer’s markets, senior centers, any place they appreciate classic country and folks music.

This is part of the thrust of the project. The money you contribute will go to enriching the lives of people who don’t always have access to good music. We’re hoping to reach 10% of our crowdfunding goal by June 1 so that we can get the tuneup covered and the remaining fixtures properly bolted down.

Justice Hoping Machine Launch

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