Getting Ready for Weekend Work

Weekends at the campsite mean work. Sure, I am getting little things together during the week (had the second composter made yesterday), but weekends are where we knock off the big project.

The one thing I aim to have done this weekend is securing the master bunk. This is another one of those things that must be done before we move it, as there is a lot of weight that can be thrown forward if it is not. Along with that, I am hoping to frame in the area for the curtains so that we can have some privacy.

We have a piece of donated linoleum that will be used for flooring towards the back. I am not sure how long it is, that is on the project list for the weekend as well. If all goes well, I will pick up a bi metal hole saw so that I can put the shower pad onboard. Once that is done, it’s a small matter to get our graywater tank hooked up.

I am still working to get a straight answer regarding the composting toilet. The blackwater tank is easily the most expensive of the tanks, so if it is not truly necessary, we will probably skip it. There are other alternatives. But if all goes well, we should have our bathroom on board this weekend (it is currently installed in the ancillary trailer).

Don’t forget to check out the crowdfunding site. If we can make it to 10% by May 31, the bus will be ready to roll for WoodyFest. Thank you for everything you do!

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