The Final Week

Well, as of today I officially have a week at my day job. I’m not going to lie; this leaves me more than a little nervous because there is no backup plan. 30 years of trying to build myself up career wise, though, have reinforced the fact that I need to sink or swim on my own creativity.

I know it will be harder than anything I have attempted before. I equally know the chances of success are exceedingly slim. But I firmly believe that as I get the word out and expand my network, I can make do. Maybe not in luxury, but I believe we can get by.

My plan is to supplement my income, at least for a time, through contract IT work and day labor. As IT is changing, though, and as I lack the funds to continue my education, I believe that optimistically I have about 5-6 good years of usefulness in that field, and I need to have a plan for what lies beyond. I also need a plan for retirement, should I live that long, as the last year has drained what little savings we did have and we are starting again with a zero balance.

This weekend the plan is to lay linoleum. We had a piece large enough to finish the floor donated, and we need to get glue and a trowel to lay it. Next week, we will install the shower, paint, and bolt down fixtures, and hopefully get the light mechanical work done the week after that so that we can take our project on the road. I believe that as we settle in to this, we will see greater success. It’s just starting without a budget that makes me nervous.

And while I know it sounds repetitive, if you can help with the crowdfunding campaign, that would be immensely useful (the words “crowdfunding campaign” are a link that will take you to the GoFundMe site). This project is, after all, about hope, and without hope, we have nothing.

Thank you for everything you are doing!

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