DDay a Week Away

So, we are a week away from launching off into activism/music, and we are nowhere near where we need to be with crowdfunding. This is disappointing, and has changed up our short term agenda. In the immediate future, we will be using a six person tent combined with our vehicle as our base of operations when we travel, but we MUST travel, as no income options are forthcoming where we live.

In the meantime, we will work on the bus as funds allow. We were unable to get the linoleum placed or the painting due to that, and the precious little personal reserve that we do have will have to be dedicated, for now, to getting us on the road where we can make some money.

This is not hugely disappointing — we expected setbacks from the beginning. And we need to expand our network, to pitch the concept of the Justice Hoping Machine to those who have not heard it. And we are looking to have merchandise made advertising the project itself.

In the meantime, we have done a lot of soul searching, and we will keep the crowdfunding campaign open. It may move forward slowly, but we are confident it WILL move forward. I am also planning on producing another video.

We have an upcoming gig on June 10 at the Farmer’s Market in Enid, Oklahoma, and I am ready for any other gigs we can muster. Because it will be our primary income source.

So thank you, and keep sharing our posts, music, and video, as well as the crowdfunding link. We’ve got this!

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