The Pretrip Planning Begins

I have a ton of questions on my mind today. I have no reason to doubt the mechanical soundness of the bus, but it is nearing summer, the time when the heat will test the most durable of cooling systems. And the world is quite big.

I had hoped, honestly, to be further along in the crowdfunding, but that hasn’t happened and so we’re going to have to roll less ready than I had hoped. Maybe when I have a chance to pitch the idea beyond my natural support network, I will have a greater response. As it is, we need to take care of some legalities on the bus and get the paint ready.

We need steel pipe, linoleum glue, a trowel, supplies to tuneup the engine, a freshwater tank, a graywater tank, some PVC, some paint, a bumper hitch, a tow dolly, and money to pay a welder to help bring it all together. And we’re a long ways from that.

It’s easy to get discouraged right now, but I can’t. We have a great June 10 gig coming up, and even though I have received zero responses to other inquiries, I will persist. Maybe I’ll have to play on every dang street corner where I don’t get chased away. Maybe we’ll need to collect cans till our shoes are worn through. But we WILL make it through.

To those reading this, I cannot express my gratitude nearly enough for sticking through. I have a small group of faithful believers, and you keep me going. My wish is to somehow expand that group to the point where it doesn’t look so monumental. But I’m going to have to do that one laborious step at a time.

The future is ours! Let’s seize it!

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