One Month In

Yesterday marked a milestone of sorts: it officially marked a month of living full time in the bus.

We’ve made a little progress over the month; to start the month we only had a small butane stove; now we have a large 2 burner propane stove that can handle just about any cooking situation we throw it. The Butane stove is still our backup, but we haven’t used it since getting the propane stove.

We have also made two changes in our shower setup; we started with a tent shower enclosure, but that was difficult, as the tarp floor was very slick, and it was hard to fully shower without something to grab onto. We were gifted a shower pad, and for two weeks used that, surrounded by tops, but the branches overhead loved to share their bark with our hair follicles, and it was less than optimal, but it worked. We now have the shower inside of an ancillary, and will be shortly cutting a hole in the floor of the bus to install it inside, where it should remain for awhile.

We have gotten used to using the composting toilet, and have pretty much perfected the balance of “brown/green material”. Although it is not composting in the secondary composter as fast as we’d like, that owes itself to choice of material (we have been using wood chips, which break down slower; we are switching to peat moss) as much as anything. But there is much less odor than we would have expected.

We have also gone from two bunks and the rest of us sleeping on the floor to where we all have bunks. We have completed the flooring on 2/3 of the bus, and acquired a deck with stairs outside.

All in all it has been an exciting month, and it has encouraged us to examine needs vs. wants. We’ve had our good days and our not so good days, but are forging on. And we have a good deal of work to do between now and when winter sets in, but living full time in the bus, we are getting a better idea of what needs to be done.

I would like to again encourage you to support the campaign. We have a lot that has been done, but a lot that needs to be done. We would like to ultimately do the CNG conversion, as that would make a positive change for the environment, but that is among the last of our goals. For now, getting it road worthy in all 50 states is the main goal.

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