A Bus Called “Hope”

So this is a key announcement.

As you know, when we started this journey, we had determined to call the bus “The Hoping Machine” after the Woody Guthrie song. We were contacted by members of the Guthrie family about their use of the term for a group of activists, and, as I have a deep love for the Guthrie family, I have no intentions of doing anything to intentionally create ambiguity, so we changed it to “The Justice Hoping Machine”, and the project of the same name, because, really, what could be better than a bunch of different hoping machines, rolling across the country, changing things.

And I still believe that. The project name will remain the same. But as I have considered signage for the bus, it has involved repeated use of the word “hope”, because it is longer, harder to fit in some of the spaces I would like to put it, and dangit, those letters can get costly! So it occurred to me that for many purposes, it would be better to call the bus, simply “hope”. It still fits the branding, and it lessens the chances of my having to make the name increasingly sound like “Rod Torkeson’s Armada featuring Herman Menderchuck” in order to clear up any ambiguity. It’s easier to do when we’re discussing the project itself; a little less so than the bus.

Of course, I’ll still use the phrase creatively from time to time, as it’s a brilliant one, and its author amazingly creative, but for right now, today, I am absolutely thrilled at the idea of rolling down the highway in a bus called “Hope”!

And, as always, you’re free to join us by participating in the crowdfunding campaign. And I hope we’ll see you in your neck of the woods soon! (See what I did there? The magic is working already!)

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