Road Trip With a Purpose

OK, it didn’t start out like this. But good stories are rarely 100% intentional, and this is no exception.

The plan was to head in to Clayton, sell our last non movable tangible asset, the mobile home and land that we called home for 3 1/2 years visit with one of our grown daughters, and head back. We got the paperwork signed, and it occurred to me that if we could make a tweak on my 3rd daughter’s work schedule, we could get some work done.

See, in 2014 or 2015, I found myself stranded in Santa Fe, NM for six days. I was working the roving IT gigs, and set out on a string of jobs that would pay me nicely once I was done. The catch is that I had to put everything we had into the trip and wait for some receivables to come in that Friday and pay for the gas home. Come Friday, the receivables were not there, and I wound up staying ultimately until Tuesday because my wife’s check came in late. I stayed in my van, with no heat, in rather cold temps.

And because Santa Fe requires a permit to busk or panhandle, I had no legitimate means of getting home. So I went up the following week and bought a busking permit should such a thing happen again. I have renewed that permit every year.

Santa Fe is a lot further from these days, and in heading into Clayton, we had made a large chunk of the trip. So I decided to head out to visit my other daughter and make the trip up and make this my first busking sojourn of this journey. Money’s not coming in yet, and anything I can do to help the process will get us on track. You can’t make a living standing still.

But first, we are going to make a swing down to Roswell to visit a friend that I brought down there on one of my travels.

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