The Road to Roswell

So we didn’t rush getting up this morning. We need to make it to the free campground the other side of Santa Fe with enough light for tent setup, but other than that we are in no hurry today. We’ll be hurrying again soon enough, so there’s no point in hurrying along now.

I’ve only been to Roswell once before, and we drove in the other way (the way we will be driving out). I drove out the way we headed in, though, but it’s kind of interesting how differently you remember a road when you’re travelling backwards. I had recollected, for instance, that there was nothing between Clovis and Roswell, but the small town of Elida New Mexico would beg to differ. There’s also a small community church I don’t recall, and as we were driving by right about when services would be had, I did consider it. There was a single car out front and another was turning in. I’m going to save that gem for another day; but when you’re a captive audience, you can end up with detours longer than you’d like.

The last time I was in Roswell, I rolled out of Santa Fe. I picked up a hitchhiker who was headed that way, and we have kept in touch. I am waiting in hopes that we can stop for a moment and say hi before moving on.

So we’re at the UFO McDonald’s, keeping cool and thinking about the next step. May walk through downtown a spell before heading on to Santa Fe, and I am certainly looking for a place to play.

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