Rollin’ Back Home

I will have an update with pictures soon. I am not picture crazy, but I got some good ones.

The original idea was simple: we were going to go back home, sell our land and stay over with our daughter. so we headed out, with the plan to head back Sunday, when the oldest one still living at home had to work. Plans changed, as I decided it would be wise to see if we could change up our schedule and head up to Santa Fe, as we were three hours away instead of the usual eleven. My daughter swapped shifts and the trip was on.

The reason for the trip to Santa Fe is to get my busking permit for the year. The plaza is a great place for buskers, and while I am still learning the ins and outs, offers a place where I can make some money while scheduling gigs around. In addition, there are some great free campgrounds around, so we don’t have to worry about lodging or sleeping in WalMart parking lots when we are up there.

So we stayed with my oldest daughter on Saturday, then headed down to Roswell and Santa Fe. The Roswell detour was out of hope to catch up with a couple friends, but that unfortunately did not pan out. We drove up and found the campground, pitching our tents beside a stream. I was tempted to fill water bottles from the stream, because since we were maybe 1000 feet from the top of the mountain, we could be sure there was no human sourced pollution in the stream. I decided I would console myself with bringing a Brita pitcher along “just in case”. Yes, the pioneers drank water from streams, but pioneers died of dysentery a lot, too (source: Oregon Trail).

I arrived in Santa Fe and got my permit. The rules on the plaza are two hours on, two hours off. Elsewhere in the city, you just need to move 100 feet. I don’t know any other good pitches in the city yet, though, so for me that meant I had to take off for the 2 hours. I headed over at 9 o clock, which I discovered was too early, so I didn’t make a dime. I headed out and made up a sign on a suggestion from another fellow, a sign that was meant to be funny enough so that folks would snap a picture, the idea being that they would snap the picture and have my FB and Twitter info.

When I headed back to the plaza, it was pretty much the post lunch crowd. So I started too early, came back late. I did engage a few folks, mostly with my Hank Williams and Johnny Cash tunes, and made a small amount of money, enough to encourage me the day wasn’t a bust. Busking is simply not easy, something I knew coming in, and there will be bumps in the road between here and there. Mostly, though, I just have to get out and do it to get where I need to be.

We are picking up again on the crowdfunding effort, I am going to try some slight rebranding, and encourage all of you to continue to like and share. I will update beyond the Facebook updates on the trip home sometime tonight.

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