Preparing for the Next Go Around

I am fast discovering that settling in back at the bus is a process that takes a couple of days. Since the bus is not road ready, leaving on a trip involves stowing our valuables, and strategically loading our car. There wasn’t much strategy to this last weekend’s trip, as the initial purpose was a there and back and it turned into a 4 day journey.

I have a gig coming up Saturday, but no good offers forthcoming. I have computer work on Wednesday, but we’re not going to pay the bills working 2 days a month. So the game plan at this point will be to leave WoodyFest for Santa Fe and spend 2 weeks working the plaza. This should give me some time to learn the ins and outs and make adjustments as needed. Between now and then I will be going to small towns as I can and looking for places where I can stop and play.

It’s easy to question my sanity in doing this; I question it myself. After all, I know a ton of musicians personally who are far better than I am. But I’ve also learned it is often not about being the best in the room, but about putting on the best performance. And as I pay close attention to what gets responses and what does not, I believe I am improving in that regard. Time will tell.

I still encourage anyone who is looking for someone to play in the area to contact me. I currently play for tips/love offerings, but would certainly be willing to quote a fee if someone had something like that in mind. Right NOW I am looking mainly for more rural areas, but am keeping my options open.

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