Go West, Young Man

Tomorrow we play the Farmer’s Market in Enid, my hometown. It starts at 8 am, so I had to evaluate our options: head in tonight or head in tomorrow morning. Unfortunately there are NO free campsites within an hour of Enid, and since it is a 3 hour drive, we’re getting up in the middle of the night basically to roll out. Bleh.

This is one of the reasons I am looking forward to getting back to working on the bus. Once that is completed, a WalMart parking lot or any truck stop will do. That and the fact we don’t have to pick and choose so carefully what we take. We left our cooler out of the equation for this trip because we don’t have a good car top carrier and are pretty much packed to the gills.

I added a couple of good songs to the set list, will be playing for three hours and have a little over two hours of music at my normal cadence, so will have to come up with some fill. In ordinary conversation this is not a problem, but in performing, I am a little less skilled in this area. Still…I think I am going to work around this set list for awhile, it’s a pretty good one with Bob Dylan, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, and Kris Kristofferson songs, among others. And one Shel Silverstein song that is NOT “A Boy Named Sue” (heads up, kiddos!).

This will only be the third time I have played the revised chords to “Superman” publicly, so looking forward to that as well. Also seeing some old friends.

I’ll try to bring back some pics and maybe, just maybe, a video or two!.

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