Road Trip, Then Planning the Next One.

So we headed back yesterday to my hometown of Enid, Oklahoma to play a Farmer’s Market. I was trying to get in with the local coffeeshop, but I may just need to show up at some point and audition/plead my case in person, because they haven’t gotten back to me, because I badly need to start doubling up bookings.

My daughter worked a closing shift the night before, so we made the choice whether to head out in the PM or AM, and given the lack of free campsites, chose the AM. This is a problem we will not have once the bus is funded, because there were more than a few places along the way where we could have put in with a bus, but not to sleep in a car.

It was a great gig, and wonderful group of people, although I will need to research ways to solicit more tips because that part could have been better. We spent the afternoon with friends, and then headed home. My friend had a bag of clothes that he was getting rid of, so we tried tying it to the rooftop with bungee cords. About a mile west of town when we got up to highway speed, we could feel the effect of the crosswinds, and were certain it would not bear up to a 200 mile trip. So we packed the clothes in around us and headed off. I had gotten about 4 hours sleep the night before, so I was definitely looking for aa place to put in. We also wanted to bypass the turnpike on the way home. as I wasn’t willing to cough up 4 bucks out of my earnings. We passed a couple of spots, but they were off road far enough I wasn’t going to chance it. I got some very brief shuteye in a WalMart parking lot, then pulled on to my intended destination, the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa, where I was assured I could overnight in Lot “I”.

After less than an hour, security came along and kicked us out. You can park there, yes, but you cannot visibly sleep in your vehicle. This is another situation where having the bus ready would have helped. They can’t see whether we’re sleeping in our vehicle or not.

Incidentally, there was an RV there with slides out, so I’m fairly sure they were sleeping in it, but cannot prove it.

So I am going to repeat the plea. Right now, this lousy WalMart connection is not letting me access gofundme, but it shows to be up right now. You can find the link in previous posts. Our immediate needs (before we can use it FT) are for a freshwater tank, a graywater tank, a blackwater tank, and an external power source. At the moment I need about $100 for a cheap inverter and the solar will be fully operational; I have a plan for the freshwater tank that will cost about $75, and the greywater tank should also cost $75.

The blackwater tank is where it hits us. The tank alone will run about $200. The fittings will cost about another $100. And we also need another $45 worth of paint to cover the bus. There is also the matter of some screws and fittings to secure a few things to the bus, and this will still leave us with a lot to do, but it will allow us to move and have a solid place to stay on the road, so it is very important. That’s about $600 right there.

So if you can possibly contribute, it would be greatly appreciated. As it stands, we currently have the choice of either working minimum wage jobs for 15-20 hours per week, or this. But not both, as the minimum wage jobs will not give us travel flexibility.

I am not against those jobs, they just do not give us any growth potential. And our chief concern right now is income. Getting Hope rolling would help that income situation substantially. You can also contribute via the PayPal link in the sidebar.

Thanks to all of you!

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