Six Weeks In

We’ve picked up a little pace on the GoFundMe campaign. We still need to pick up the pace, but it is nice to get moving in a positive direction. We should be able to finish the primer coat on the bus, which will make it driveable in all 50 states.

And we have the hardware to secure items once we are ready to get the bus moving. But we still need 2 batteries, also fresh, black, and graywater tanks onboard as well as basic mechanical maintenance. We would like to have a hitch installed, and a tow dolly, if we can get some forward movement. It would serve us well in Santa Fe, where we are headed immediately after WoodyFest.

We’re a little behind the pace on earnings this month. We’re good for a couple of months out, but if things don’t come around and Santa Fe doesn’t play out, I will be working a PT minimum wage job to fill the bills. It’s not minimum wage I mind; it is the extreme gaslighting our culture has done in convincing minimum wage workers that they should be ashamed of themselves and forbidden to participate in the American Dream. We create the shameful problems of our culture, then we berate people who live on the fringe.

The Justice Hoping Machine is going to be a project like no other. One part Partridge Family, one part soup kitchen, 2 parts hootenanny = Hope! So watch the crowdfunding campaign, and watch for Tim Joad in a town near you!

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