A Walk in the Woods, Crowdfunding, and Dogs

The early bird gets the worm is true not only of our avian friends but in can collecting. Yesterday morning we struck out by the river and did pretty well for ourselves. Now you don’t make a good hourly rate — at all — but the combination of good exercise and a little income supplementation never hurts.

So we struck out this morning a little closer to home. Our landlady’s dog decided to head out with us. This is an older lab or lab mix appropriately named Marley because she’s the biggest troublemaker we’ve seen…in a mostly benign way that is. Unless you are a kitten or small game, in which case you are on the menu.

She’s an older dog, and pants as if every breath might be her last. But sending her back home wasn’t an option because she just won’t go. She calls her own shots. So she walked with us, probably about 2 miles, as we collected cans in the heavily wooded countryside. After we turned around, she decided she was getting a little thirsty and headed off to the creek for a drink and a cool don. Which brings me to my next point: if you’re ever stranded in the woods and need to find water, it’s helpful to have a dog. Because they WILL find it.

Yesterday’s Facebook page boost was a success; it brought us to nearly 1% of our funding goal, or, better, about 10% of what we absolutely need to move the bus out full time. It was definitely a much needed shot in the arm, and will allow us to finish painting the exterior, which will give us street legal status in all 50 states, which is a good thing. I am still debating what that means for Okemah; we will at least need a second battery to roll out for that, so I have to weigh the options.

If you are still interested in this and needing the link, you can find the campaign here. There’s still a long ways to go, and everything you do helps.

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