A Little Roadwork

Since I have been back out on my own, work has been slow, sparse and low paying. So I had been anticipating today and a decent paying job in the hopes things will start brightening up in that regard. I had to travel 60 miles to do a simple parts replacement, but I know from experience that sometimes the jobs that look the easiest can come with nasty surprises.

So we headed down early in order to make it back for lunch at the day center. Decent paying in this case does not mean lucrative enough that we can forego the offer of a free lunch. The initial plan was to have my wife and the kiddos stay at a park while I did the work, then I would pick them up after. Not good as a general rule to have your crew with you.

A quick search of Google maps showed no nearby parks. I figured we would drive through and try to find one, as the alternative would involve nearly 40 miles of extra travel, something we try to avoid as much as possible.

The shortest route was via the west side of the lake, a route we had never taken, so it was a nice fun surprise to take the alternative route down. Unfortunately, it was as we suspected and there were no parks. So we parked away from the entrance so I would not be seen; after all, it is a truck stop and families in general are not uncommon.

The task was surprisingly short, and I left needing only to drop the old part off at a UPS shipping center. Funny thing is, a few years ago, you had to really look to find a FedEx shipping center; the UPS centers were all over the place. Now the reverse is true. When we arrived in Muskogee, we found the UPS shipping facility, but their customer care center is only open late afternoons (presumably to pick up holds), so I had to hold it until I returned to town and get it to our local facility.

Good news on another front; the Justice Hoping Machine Launch project is rolling forward; we have a ways to go, but we are right at 10% of what we need to get it fully launched. We’re hoping to do this the nickel and dime route, so if you could help by liking and sharing, that would definitely help us down the road. My daughter picked up some craft supplies that will be making an appearance as well!

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