Simmering in the Heat

I am still trying to make a final determination on where we’re headed this weekend. We need to get out and make money, just not sure which way to go.

And the heat is kicking us, making me grateful we have shade but also causing us to seek out air conditioning during the day. Our routine at home appears like it will be: get up early, hike out looking for cans (me), do the laundry (my wife), then head on into town for lunch at the day center, library, and then head back home early evening when the heat starts to break.

It got interesting when an orange and white bug crawled on my phone. I was observing it, and turning the phone to keep the bug from me while I called the kids over. I am not about to let an unknown insect crawl up and get all cozy like.

When we ultimately headed into town and I looked it up, I decided that was a good call. Not a 100% positive ID, but I am about 90% sure it was an assassin bug nymph, and from what I’ve seen those fellows have a pretty strong bite. No thanks!

We are still working on the crowdfunding project, and we’re about 1/4 of the way to being able to have it ready to roll out. So if you can help, head on over and check out the Justice Hoping Machine Project. We are surely thankful for any and all support!

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