Free And Easy Down the Road We Go

Well, we had rain through the night that brought the heat down and may prevent us from reaching the projected high in the mid 90’s today. We are hanging around through lunch, and taking a road trip out, with no prospects, but you don’t make money standing still. We will stop and busk, and move along if asked. We are looking for venues, but really haven’t had an overwhelming amount of support in that regard from our friends, so I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

All in all I am hoping I can just make back my gas money for the weekend. It will be a peanut butter and cracker smorgasboard, but, we’ll make it.

What I am trying to do is build up routes and work further and further out. I printed up some extremely basic cards that I can hand out, looking really for any place that will have me. And in the process, we are going to scout 5 free campsites so that we know which ones are workable and which aren’t.

From everything I have read, and this is consistent with what I have experienced, you usually don’t get in too much trouble busking if you simply move along when asked. I have information to provide anyone who asks about the legality of it, but really, I’m not out on a crusade here, I am just out to eat. That’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it.

This will be one of the benefits when we get Hope rolling. There is a casino campsite in Miami, OK that I aim to check out, but it appears to be only an RV park, which means when we’re in our car, we can’t stop there as there is no place to pitch a tent. We ran into the same problem in Catoosa. Got run off from the designated overnight area there.

So I am not sure how much opportunity I will have to post, but looking for another grand adventure. With luck, we’ll come home with more than we left with!

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