Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig

Our campground search brought us to Caney, Kansas, where we found the wildlife area, but no road access. Further south to Copan, Oklahoma, where there were supposed to be additional free sites, but we could not find a free site and the sites we did find were about $18 for non electric sites, well beyond our budget. So I pulled into McDonald’s in Bartlesville and decided to regroup and check the next available. I found a site listed west of Pawhuska Oklahoma and we headed that way.

We found the location easily enough, but it looked deserted. Weeds had grown up in the pull up picnic area, and we’re not overly fond of seeing our slithery friends at less than a distance, so those were a non starter. A gate prevented us from crossing the dam to the boat launch on the far side of the lake, so we headed up and around. There was a rather washed out road below the dam, but we did not take it, which was probably a good thing, as our tire was losing air. We had filled it before we left Independence and would fill it twice more before returning home.

The only remotely campable place we found was at the north boat launch. The ground was terribly uneven, and a spider web greeted us as we headed into one of the vault toilets. We did not see a soul, and the only evidence that there had been recent activity was an undisturbed Braum’s bag in one of the trash cans that had not been faded by the sun.

We debated staying there but ultimately decided to turn home. With our gig in Independence next weekend, we will try to find some other spots to stop.

We awoke this morning to find the tire completely flat (as expected)And the rain coming down. I mounted the spare and we are currently awaiting the change of the tire.

This would be a good time to mention the crowdfunding project. As our funds dwindle, it is increasingly important that we get on the road. That can only happen once we get the necessary repairs to the bus. So if you can like or share the Justice Hoping Machine Launch, or better still, contribute, we would be grateful. We’ve had a lot of contributions from great people, but still have a long ways to go. Thank you!

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