Ride Across the River

Yesterday we were out collecting cans. It’s been a money drought lately, and we have to bring in some money. We have a very small reserve, but it’s going to be depleted fast if we don’t add money to it. And the one thing about contract work is if you don’t have money to front your fuel costs and occasional supply cost, you won’t be able to roll out on assignments.

So I was glad to get a call yesterday afternoon. The offers are coming slow, but they needed someone out to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, about 75 miles away, and they needed them out this morning. As our plan for this morning was collect more cans, I certainly will take a paying gig at an acceptable rate (good, but not great…and I wasn’t about to hold out for great!) over the few dollars I would make with cans.

So we worked the river a day earlier, which was both good and bad. We couldn’t get out on one landing, overpopulated as it was with folks floating the river, and we were working right alongside the GRDA, who collects the garbage from the site, whether there’s cans in them or not. A decent haul, though not a Monday morning haul. Better than a normal Sunday haul at any rate.

Before leaving, I determined whether they had a Kinko’s (they do!), as it was key to the scheduling. We rolled out at 6 AM so that we could be back in Tahlequah for the noon meal at the day center, as even a $10 meal at Taco Bueno is more than we really can afford at the moment. I took Amy and the kids to the library (going back to our place to pick them up is another hour round trip, something I didn’t want to undertake, so we travelled on together), and I headed to the site for a task that was as simple and straightforward as it looked. 30 minutes onsite, and we were headed back, but not before a little “work tourism”, one of the admitted luxuries of working on the road like that.

On the home side, we’ve picked up a little on the Justice Hoping Machine Launch funding. We are up to $300; at the $1000 level, we will be able to finish the basics of getting on the road. This is really important, because to get the project fully funded, we are going to need to get it outside of our personal network, and one way to do that is to get it on the road. So anything you can do to help in this regard is welcome.

I am very excited about the weeks to come. We are gathering cans to cover our fuel costs to WoodyFest, as well as camping costs if needed. We hope to see you there, and will update you with performance times at Lou’s Rocky Road Tavern on the Tim Joad Facebook Page.. Then it will be on to Santa Fe, where I intend to spend a couple of weeks as a fixture on the plaza! See you out on the road!

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