Why The Justice Hoping Machine Project is Important To Us

I’ve never been one for a sales pitch. In fact, often it feels like legalized begging to me. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

But in trying to reach folks, it is important for me to explain why this crowdfunding campaign is so important to us. Yes, we will be serving homeless communities with food, clothing, entertainment and some basics, but that is only a part of what this project entails.

We are currently “stuck” in a rural area where our daily income is split between the cans we take in on the roadside and what I can make playing small gigs. Our monthly earnings for June just topped $300.

The bus is our answer to “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. The only place I have been able to make money in recent years is on the road. That is the plain and simple fact. I made a very crucial and career killing decision a few years back to accept an IT Director job that I was not ready for, and the end result is that I am unemployable in IT because they are afraid of hiring me for entry level work when I have worked at a higher level (this is not speculation — I have had this said to me directly on numerous occasions), and I cannot obtain minimum wage employment without leaving questionable career gaps on my resume.

I have a BBA in Computer Information Systems.

The only value I have found in my field is as a contract worker, travelling and doing service work for businesses that need boots on the ground on a small enough scale that it is not practical to roll out their own workers.

In addition to that, I have my music, which has become a more pressing interest.

The problem with all of this is that it costs a good deal for lodging. Our family needs 2 motel rooms, so a room that rents by the week will cost us $500 a week. I can provide “fill” work with day labor, but at that rate, the motel would cost more than what I make.

The bus, “Hope” will give us respite from that. We can often boondock at truck stops or WalMart parking lots, and, failing those, RV sites can be found for less than $25 a night, which means even if I am taking day labor as fill work, it will still cost us less than we take in.

And tent camping, our current travel accomodation mode, is much more limited. Free tent sites are becoming much more scarce, and they are limited to seasonal travel and a hope there is no rain.

We need something before winter. And a couple of $250 a week motel rooms is not going to cut it for us.

I know there are more worthy projects. I know there are more pressing projects. But I am asking you right now to dream, to believe in what we can do. Ask me questions if you’d like; I have answers. But please, do what you can to help us launch.

The Justice Hoping Machine Project

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