Sittin’ Tight

So I had a call on a two day project yesterday. Could I be there in the morning?

Fortunately, the answer was yes, so I am sitting tight about 5 minutes from the job site waiting until go time. I had two calls simultaneously yesterday, one for next Tuesday, which leaves me a little less worried, as I was concerned that we were 2/3 of the way through the month, and only about halfway where we needed to be in covering our expenses. Next month will be a break or bust gambit, so getting through this month is key to making next month happen.

On July 7, we will be leaving. A week at WoodyFest, our annual pilgrimage, followed by two weeks in Santa Fe. I am hoping Santa Fe treats us well enough that we can get some sightseeing in, but my goal is to make enough to cover expenses, and to hone my act by playing several times daily.

I am feeling very much overwhelmed pedaling uphill right now, but nothing worth having ever came easy. Special thanks to all of those who read my blog regularly and share the crowdfunding. It’s slow going right now, but I know what can happen with persistence.

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