Working for the Weekend

My assignment from yesterday was rescheduled for the finish, 4 hours in. I should end up with around 10 hours on this one, which will help restore our fast depleting funds.

Tomorrow I am headed back to Independence, KS to play the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I may or may not have work; submitted a ticket and will see if I get it. If so, I will be working on my way out.

I am thinking of reviving the “High Tech Hobo” as I head out on the road. I had some good stories to share on that one, and didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked on that phase of our life. Getting the crowdfunding further along will definitely help us along. See the other articles if you are interested in contributing.

We have a campaign event for Connie Johnson, who is beginning a run for the OK governor’s office, this weekend. Connie is a friend and a warrior, and I believe she will give Oklahoma the leadership that it needs. If you’re from Oklahoma, you can find her  website here. Then Monday we are headed back home. I have an offer in on work for Monday, and a very crowded Tuesday schedule.

Catch you out on the road!

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