Is This Another Willie Nelson Song?

If you’ve been following along, you know we’re heading out this afternoon. Back to Independence, Kansas, a very charming little community. We’ll be playing a Farmer’s Market there, with some great country standards.

Our cargo needs have outgrown our vehicle. We have a Ford Freestyle, and the cargo space is decent, not so much when every seat is filled though. So we had to look for options to tie it up top.  Car top cargo holders are pricey, though, so our current solution is a $3 tarp with a couple of bungee cords and some tie downs. We’ll put it to the test shortly, because we know for sure that just tying it up with rope did NOT work (we have the sides of the roof rack, but not the cross pieces…and we don’t have a tow package, so that’s out!)

I am hoping we can make enough out of this gig to see us to the next one; ultimately I am hoping to head up there on a Thursday and take advantage of their water park’s $5 family night, then use the Friday to scout around for other locations out away from there. I am hoping to build several routes and work along those for a time.

After this, two weeks to WoodyFest, and I have to get materials for a labor booth I will be staffing, then we are rolling out from WoodyFest to Santa Fe for two weeks. If you know someone within a couple of hours of Santa Fe who is interested in a house concert, we will gladly break away. I have a couple of sites on the way out where I am hoping to busk as well.

Once again, the WalMart wifi is not allowing me access to GoFundMe. I am beginning to believe they have blocked it, for whatever reasons they might have. So now I am editing this later at the library, urging you once again to check out our crowdfunding project for the Justice Hoping Machine. Thanks for your support and all you do.

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