Carry On, My Wayward Son

Ok, so the only connection with the title is we’re in Kansas. I got stuck, OK?

We headed up to Kansas yesterday, and since I knew the turnoff for the free campsite near Nowata, I decided to check it out. I will need to update it on the site.

It is definitely big enough to take a bus in, but going in means going through some swampy areas with “high water” signs. At a couple of spots, the water comes right up to the road.

But the campground seems serviceable enough, and wasn’t completely abandoned as we found the one in Pawhuska. There was one other camper there, which is a good sign that the information is correct.

We didn’t stay there, of course, because Independence is further on. We drove on through, stopping to see the Dalton graves in Coffeyville, Kansas. We walked around the cemetery, checked out their statue dedicated to the Union forces of the Civil War. On the way back to the car, we noted an angel statue, and, being the Whovian that I am, had to take a picture. Next to the Dalton graves, I noticed some mushrooms growing, but when I looked closer, I noticed they were in an arc, and there was a “dead zone” of grass forming a complete circle, with some mushrooms growing at another spot within the circle as well. A fairy circle! These are regarded variously as good or bad omens, I’ve always figured them as good because it iss a fascinating phenomenon. They were growing, interestingly enough, directly beyond the Dalton graves.

We headed to the campground where we stayed last week, but this time we took attention to camp closer in to the toilets. We arrived early enough to do a little exploring, and I found that the gated area past the campground where we stayed last week actually is still state park property; they just don’t allow private vehicles. So if we need to access the bathrooms from the campsite at the dam, we actually can, it’s just a lengthy walk; not at all unusual when camping.

So now we sit waiting to play the Farmer’s Market. I’m playing a pretty straight up country and gospel set today, as when I pitched it, they were very interested in it. A friend offered to pay for us to head to the water park, so we’re on that before rolling out, but will finish our day in OKC.

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