Independence, and Beyond

After spending the night at the lake in Independence, we played the Farmer’s Market to a pretty good group. Farmer’s Markets are a bit tricky, as the morning often causes you to have to retune your guitar a bit when it changes in the warming air, and this was no exception. It’s also about three hours of playing, which I break up into about an hour at a time, with breaks.

I also had to use the iPad for a couple of songs, which is moderately tedious when the sun is at the wrong angle.

Independence has some very typical turn of the 20th century buildings, and the gentleman that organizes the music also runs the local drugstore/soda fountain. He informed me that, with the exception of one year, the soda fountain has continually been in operation since 1920. I didn’t get pictures, but I think I am making it my mission to -photograph downtown Independence on the next go around, most likely July 29, at the tail end of the Santa Fe trip.

Before we lit out for Oklahoma City, where we will be helping a friend who is running for governor at the Pride parade, we went to the water park, paid for by a friend. It’s pretty inexpensive, and we’re hoping to head in on Thursday on the next go around to take advantage of their $5 family night.

We’ve dealt with cargo, one of the issues of travelling by car, with a $3 tarp (6 by 8) held down with bungees and finally secured with two tie downs. We have a roof rack, but do not have the cross pieces, and no tow dolly to use for extra gear. I am hoping this week’s work will ultimately help us afford a few extra bucks to spruce up the car, and still hoping the crowdfunding will pick up so that we can get the bus on the road. Food Not Bombs is organizing a Hunger March, tentatively in October, and I would very much like for Hope to be a part of that.

I am also considering a way to help promote the small towns we play, and am interested in unique and creative ideas. I would love to revive the American road trip, as I think a lot of folks are missing out on some beautiful things on the trip.

I wanted to put photos in thematically, but I missed them in my last couple of posts because of crappy Internet, so I will just include them as an album:

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